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Whatasauce Test

What is the Whatasauce Test?
Whataburger is testing a new and improved Whatasauce on our Chicken Sandwiches in San Antonio, TX, Birmingham, AL, and a few other select locations.
How does this affect my Favorites?
If you've favorited one of our Chicken Sandwiches, you'll need to edit your existing Favorites to include the new Whatasauce to be able to place an order in the test markets.
How do I edit a Favorite? 
Customers who are signed into their MyWhataburger account can edit their Favorites by going to their Account Page by clicking on their name in the top right of the screen on Order.Whataburger.com. They will then scroll down to their Chicken Favorite and select "Edit".Customer's will need to select "Edit Items Only" from the pop up. Once the Customer is in their favorite they will select the edit button located under their Chicken item to edit the item. 


I’ve placed my order. Now what?
When you are ready for us to start cooking your order, click the “Start Cooking” button. When you arrive at the restaurant, check-in with us at the front counter.
I placed an order for pick up, but now I'm running late. What should I do?
To make sure you get the freshest meal possible, we won't start making your order until you click "Start Cooking."
Can I cancel my online order?
You can cancel your order from your app any time before you click "Start Cooking." Once you've clicked "Start Cooking", we will start preparing your order and you will not be able to cancel.
When will online ordering be available at my Whataburger?
At this time, we are only testing online ordering in San Antonio with plans to expand to new markets through 2019. Learn more at stories.whataburger.com.

MyWhataburger Account

Oops! I forgot to scan my app. How can I get credit for my visit?
If you placed your order online, then you will automatically receive credit for your visit. If you forgot to scan at the restaurant, email Resolution@wbhq.com with a copy of your receipt.
Who do I contact if I want to share feedback or have an issue to report?
Reach out to us at Resolution@wbhq.com and let us know how we can help.
How can I update or delete my Whataburger account information?
If you need to make any changes to your account information, contact us at Resolution@wbhq.com.
Do my rewards or visits expire?
You’ve got 60 days to redeem a Whataburger reward, so come back soon! Likewise, if you don’t get to five visits within one year, your visits will expire and reset.
Can I pay with the Whataburger app?
Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa, America Express, Discover, Apple Pay®, or PayPal. You can also transfer a Whataburger gift card onto your Whataburger account.
What is the Whataburger Rewards program?
It's simple: Order with us 5 times and earn a reward for a free item! Learn more at whataburger.com/home/mobileapp.