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How do I report issues with the app?
Please reach out to our technical support team by clicking “Contact Us” within the app. If you’re using an iOS device, go to More > Contact Us. On Android devices, go to the navigation menu (top left) > Contact Us.
How can I transfer my account info if I get a new phone?
After you download the app on your new phone, simply log in using your existing credentials and all your account information will automatically be transferred and accessible.
When will I be able to order through the app?
Mobile ordering coming soon.
Where can I download the Whataburger app?
You can get it from both the App Store and Google Play Store.


How do I sign up for the rewards program
All you need to do is download the Whataburger App through the App Store or Google Play. Sign up for an account and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the rewards program.
Is there a fee to join the rewards program?
Nope, our rewards program is free to join. Just create an account and you’re on the road to earning some tasty rewards!
What’s a visit, and how can I earn one?
You earn one visit every time you spend $0.01 or more on any food purchases other than gift cards at a participating Whataburger. Five visits gets you free food.
Can I earn visits at any Whataburger?
Not necessarily, but you can easily find all participating locations using the filter on the Locations page.
Do my rewards or visits expire?
They do. Whataburger Rewards expire after 60 days. And, if you don’t get to five visits within one year, your visits will expire and reset.
Can I earn more than one reward before redeeming?
Of course! You can earn and save up multiple rewards before redeeming them. But keep in mind you can redeem only one reward at a time.
I forgot to scan my app. How can I get credit for my visit?
Currently, you can earn visits only by scanning your bar code.
If I pay with cash, do I still get a visit in the rewards program?
You sure do. Just scan your bar code at the register.
What if I want to sign up for the Whataburger Rewards program but I don’t have an email address?
Sorry, an email address is required to participate in the Whataburger Rewards program. Once you have an email, sign up for an account and you’ll be automatically enrolled.
Do I need to keep a record of my purchases?
Nope! Your qualifying purchases will be stored in the app and easily accessible whenever you want to see them. If you’re using an iOS device, go to More > Account History. If you’re on an Android device, go to your navigation menu (top left) > Account History
Can I redeem more than one reward per transaction?
Sorry, you can redeem only one reward per transaction.
How do I check available rewards using the app?
The Rewards homepage is the place to go. You can also go to Barcode and see a list of available reward


Is my information kept private?
Absolutely. We appreciate and value your privacy and would never sell your personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.
How can I protect the money I have loaded onto the mobile app?
Your security is very important to us, and we work with trusted partners that assist with security within the app. You also can set up a passcode for all payment features in Settings.


Which forms of payment can I use to reload my virtual gift card?
MasterCard, Visa, America Express and Discover are all accepted credit cards. You also can use your Apple Pay® or PayPal account to load funds.
How do I check my balance?
Tap the Pay icon within your dashboard. On iOS devices, you can also go More > Payment. On Android devices, you can go to navigation menu (top left) > Payment.
How do I add more money to my account?
You can use MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. Money also can be uploaded with an existing gift card. On iOS devices, you can go to More > Payment > Reload. On Android devices, you can go to the navigation menu (top left) > Payment > Reload.
What is auto reload?
This feature automatically transfers funds to your account, so you’re always ready to pay for orders using the app. You can set it up in the Payment section and choose which credit or debit card you’d like to use. When your balance falls below a set amount, your account will be automatically reloaded.
Do I have to maintain a minimum balance
Nope, you don’t need to maintain a minimum balance. But when you’re loading funds to your account, a minimum of $15 is required.
What’s the maximum amount I can load onto my Whataburger card?
The most you can load in a single transaction is $220. Overall, a customer may have a maximum account balance of $220 at any given time.
Can I use my Mobile Pay funds to purchase a gift card in the app?
Your mobile balance can’t be used to purchase a physical gift card or e-gift card. That’s because Mobile Pay accounts were designed to make it more convenient for customers to enjoy Whataburger food without any additional materials.
Can I load my physical gift card in the app?
Yep, you sure can. You can now transfer a physical Whataburger gift card onto your Whataburger App for use on your mobile device. On iOS devices, you can go to More > Payment > Transfer Whataburger Gift Card Balance. On Android devices, you can go to navigation menu (top left) > Payment > Transfer Whataburger Gift Card Balance.
Why do I have a barcode?
Everybody with an account has a barcode. It lets you earn rewards each time you visit, acting as both your rewards card and your mobile gift card.


How do I ask a question or share feedback with you?
We love hearing from customers because we’re always working hard to get better. If you have something you want to share or have a question, reach out to our technical support team at Resolution@wbhq.com.
What is a push notification?
It lets us send you reward notifications, messages and events when you’re not using our app.
Why should I allow you to send me emails or push notifications?
So you won’t miss out on any important account notices, rewards updates and offers made just for you.
How much email will I get if I allow Whataburger to send me emails?
While we don’t want to send you too many emails, we do want to make sure you receive critical account notifications, rewards updates and offers created for you. You can go to your app settings and change your email settings at any time.
How do I delete my app account?
While we’d be sorry to see you go, it’s easy to delete your account. Simply send an email to Resolution@wbhq.com.